Women’s Jiu Jitsu




Roll out of bed and onto the mats this Sunday with the Rocha BJJ Women’s Team!

12-2pm on Sundays, Rocha Brazilian Jiu Jitsu hosts a class specifically for women, taught by Brown Belt Jessie Chen. We invite women at any level of experience to train with our team. The women’s class is a unique place where dedicated practitioners to get direct feedback, fine-tune their game and spar with peers; and for women who are new to Jiu Jitsu, we provide personalized instruction in a welcoming environment.

Why train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? The reasons are many…

  • Self-defense: BJJ is a technical but practical martial art that allows individuals of

    all sizes to efficiently use leverage and momentum to take an opponent to the

    ground, control their body and immobilize them.

  • Fitness: get in shape, lose weight, build muscle mass, improve cardio & stamina!
  • Self-confidence: know you can take care of yourself in a tight spot – Jiu Jitsu is

    literally empowering!

  • Mental workout: BJJ is about efficient problem solving – it’s like “chess with

    human bodies”

  • Community: BJJ is a contact sport, so strong teamwork and individual

    improvement go hand in hand – join the Jiu Jitsu “river”!

  • Competitive sport: prepare to compete in tournaments in the Bay Area and

    across the state

Rocha Jiu Jitsu is home to a thriving women’s team. We train weekdays in both the beginner and advanced classes at Rocha Jiu Jitsu, and many compete (and win!) at top state and national competitions. Under master teacher Eduardo Rocha, Brown Belt Jessie Chen helps direct the women’s team with high-level training in an inclusive, collaborative environment.

  • 10-12 Sunday Open Mat: all levels, all genders, mats open for sparring
  • 12-2 Sunday Women’s Class: all levels, taught by Jessie Chen – warm up & class

    12-1:30, sparring 1:30-2.

For more information, contact Jessie Chen: chictaipei@gmail.com