Kickboxing Class


Each class includes a full body conditioning workout as well as the practice of proper form and technique for Muay Thai and San Shou kickboxing.

Classes begin with light stretches and cardio warm-up exercises, followed by technique training for hand, foot, knee and elbow strikes.   Instruction will include both Thai pad training and interactive sparring drills. The class ends with cool-down stretches.

All levels welcome. No experience necessary.

Equipment needed for classes: hand wraps, boxing gloves and comfortable workout attire. Loaner gloves are available to those trying out their first trial class.


About Nathan Zagal

“I have practiced martial arts for 13 years, including Shan Shou, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Along my martial arts path, I have participated in national championship competitions as well as local amateur Muay Thai fights. In addition, I have been teaching Muay Thai and Shan Shou for the last five years.”