Rocha Jiu Jitsu Student: Jules Bennett

I chose Jiu Jitsu after speaking to a few friends about different martial art practices. Jiu Jitsu seemed to be the most technical, practical, and physically demanding. It also seemed like one of the martial arts that a small guy can excel in – where technique is more important than power or strength.

I chose Rocha BJJ because of its structured curriculum and the atmosphere of seriousness, helpfulness, and friendliness. Each instructor and the higher belts all want you to succeed and work with you to show you how to improve your techniques. The location is also great.

So far I’ve been apart of Rocha BJJ for around 7 months and have seen my technique improve greatly. Eduardo is a great instructor who strives to see his students grow and is always willing to give advice or answer questions.

Right now my main goal is to get my green belt so that I can participate in the advanced class. Eventually I would like to compete in a BJJ competition.