Rocha Jiu Jitsu Student: Erik

I do jiu jitsu because it’s hard and it reminds me that learning is hard but the payoff for hard work is the freedom to face adversity with skill, wisdom, and honor.I chose our school at first because guys at another school said your guys beat everybody.

I continue to go to our school because the teacher knows his shit, the training is tough and the technique is fantastic and changing. Most of all I choose our school because the people who train there are good, patient, hard working men and women whom I respect.

Over the years my impression of jiu jitsu is that is a strong art because it demands one constantly do real sparring to apply technique in real situations. For me it is an excellent example of applied philosophy: it’s possible to use technique, strategy, and patience to overcome stronger opponents. Even after many years I still get frustrated, I get swept, passed, reversed, and submitted, which is good because in the end winning doesn’t matter. It’s learning and overcoming oneself that matters.
My goal in jiujitsu is to never give up and to help others learn this wonderful art.