Rocha Jiu JItsu Student: Alex

I do Jiu Jitsu because it is the greatest martial art in the world. The history of it and its practical application in the real world make it a very beneficial skill to have. It is also a very therapeutic tool for releasing stress and anxiety. Jiu Jitsu has made me a better person, and I will always continue to do it because of these reasons. I think everyone should do Jiu Jitsu – it is great for the body and the mind.

I chose Eduardo Rocha because of his reputation in competition and his knowledge/experience that comes with his lineage to the founding Gracie family. I have been very happy with choosing this academy.

Eduardo is always making advancements in his teaching skills. He is very good at emphasizing details so his students will understand, and he leads by serving as a good role model. He has built a respected and disciplined academy because of this. My impression of the school has only gotten better as I have traveled and experienced other academies as comparison.

My goals in Jiu Jitsu are to continue progressing and embody the techniques as my second nature. I want to make my movements in Jiu Jitsu fluid and precise, and eventually put my skills to the test in competition to earn medals for academy and myself.